How do you know when you’ve done enough research?

Hey there,

Hope your day is going well so far.

This post is a plea to all you writers out there. How do you know when you’ve done enough research?

I’m currently editing book three. It is set, in part, in World War II France. I’ve read books about the period, watched newsreel footage, videos and read newspaper articles. Although I researched a bit at the beginning, most of it I did after the basic plot of my story was in place, so I was able to think how my characters would have fitted into what I was reading and watching etc.

My trouble is, I don’t know if I’ve done enough.

My temptation is to keep going, in part because it’s interesting, but also because I don’t know when to stop.

How do you decide when you’ve done enough research? Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. 🙂

Thank you!

Elle 🙂 xx