Um…my first guest post?

Hey there,

Hope you are well this lovely Friday morning and are looking forward to the weekend.

Elle tells me that a lot of you guys are concerned about rejection. She says some of you are writers, as she is, and that when you send your books out to agents or publishers, you risk rejection and the feeling that you are not good enough, that your day will never come and that you will never fulfil your (writing) destiny.


That’s too bad. I don’t like to think of you guys feeling like that. Truly, I don’t. In fact, I spoke to some of my friends about it and, in a bid to make you feel better,  we thought we’d share our own thoughts on rejection with you. Believe it or not, this is one subject we know A LOT about.

Rejection. Happens to us all the time. Even Elle rejects us for most of the year, except at Christmas. That’s the only reason we’ve been able to post on her blog, (Shh, don’t tell her) because at Christmas we’re allowed in the house. Sure we have to live in the freezer and share our sleeping bag with chestnuts, but at least we’re here.

I suspect you’ve rejected me and my friends too. Yes, it hurts, I’m not going to deny it. See, we know we’re good for you and that if only we had found the best way to let you see that, you would be able to help us do the job we’re meant to do. But if that’s not what you want too, that’s your prerogative. We can only offer ourselves to you and say that, for example, we think we’ll help your iron levels and go towards your five a day. If we don’t fit with your plans for whatever reason, that’s OK. We won’t storm off in a huff (who do you think we are? Runner beans?), we won’t throw a strop, we’ll just hang in there until it’s our time, because we believe that our time will come.

In fact, we have a feeling it’s going to be soon…

It might be the same for you too, so don’t fear the rejection, people. It’s not for life.  Sometimes it’s not even for Christmas.

By Daderot (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Daderot (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Much love from us all,

The Sprouts xx