Hey there,

I’m Elle Turner and I’m thrilled to welcome you to my online world!

Not long ago I gave up my day job to launch Emerald and Lime, my very own business. I now love to spend time writing and designing unique, elegant stationery – stationery made for my words and yours.

Emerald and Lime eco-friendly A5 perfect bound notebooks

The route from there to here

For a number of years I knew I needed to make a big change, so I did what every self-respecting writer would do and turned to a blank notebook to figure out what was wrong with my life! Call it what you will – a notebook, a journal, a diary – it was the place I worked out what I wanted to do and then planned the way to make it happen. It definitely wasn’t a quick process, and a lot of the time it’s still not easy, but I’ve finally got my own business and made the change I wanted to make. Hooray for that!

Doing things differently

At Emerald and Lime you’ll find original, inspiring, earth-friendly stationery products. I hope our fifty-word-fiction prints will encourage you, our note cards and writing paper will keep you in touch with those who matter most and, of course, we have blank notebooks in case either of us get the urge to make any more life changes!

Emerald and Lime eco-friendly A6 notebooks

The quest to live my best life

I still use my notebook to work out how to make the most of my life. It’s how I find clarity and how I motivate myself to take responsible action. Although I make plenty of mistakes, stumble over life’s bumps in the road and spend too much time listening to my irritating inner critic, if I’ve got my pen and my notebook then I know I’ll be OK.

If you love stationery and stories, making plans and making changes, then I’m so glad we’ve found each other! And I’d love to hear from you any time. Join in with the story on Instagram @elleturnerwriter and if you’d like a free Em and lime design, click here and I’ll sort that out for you.

Elle xoxox