Emerald and Lime behind the scenes – preparing the new collection

Hey there,

Hope you are well today. 🙂

I’ve written before how the new Emerald and Lime collection for spring was inspired by Haiku, traditionally a short form of Japanese poetry containing seventeen syllables, and the natural world. I thought today I’d give a wee bit more background as to how the collection came about.

Emerald and Lime naturEL flow eco-friendly stationery collection
Emerald and Lime naturEL flow eco-friendly stationery collection

I knew I wanted to break out my watercolour pencils (a birthday present from my guys last year) and create something colourful for spring. I’ve also been dipping my toe in photography (as you’ll know if you’re signed up to Em and Lime’s updates) and although, let’s put it politely, I need LOTS more practice, I wanted to incorporate some photography and try out some mixed media work.

So I started with the watercolour pencils:

And looked through some river photos I’d taken.

I’d been thinking about trying my hand at writing Haiku anyway and, as Haiku are supposed to traditionally capture a moment of inspiration in nature, it seemed appropriate to combine the two.

The watercolour work and river photos were combined digitally (using Inkscape), the Haiku added and lo, the naturEL flow collection came to be! (By the way, thank you those of you who have said you like the name 😉 )

I hope you liked a wee peek behind the scenes at Emerald and Lime. See you next time!

Elle xoxox

Download a free Emerald and Lime design to use as your laptop or mobile phone wallpaper!

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