Do you think about the author?

Hey there,

Hope you are well today.

I have a quick question for you:

When you are reading a book, do you think about the author?

The reason I ask is, I was speaking to a friend recently who said she always thinks about the author when she’s reading a book. She wonders why they wrote the story they wrote and what parts of it are true to their real life.

That’s not something I’ve ever really done.

When I’m reading, I think of the characters, the story and I’m in that world (if it’s a good book). The thought that someone wrote it rarely comes into my head. Even if it’s a book I’m not enjoying, I’m thinking more about the writing or the story, I’m not thinking or wondering anything about the author or their life.

The only caveat to this is, when I read books by online buddies whom I feel I know, I occasionally get a jolt of, ‘Ooh, X wrote this,’ but that’s more just pride in their achievement/excitement on their behalf, because I know what it takes to write a book. In the generality, I don’t do what my friend does.

I’d love to know your views on this, so please get in touch either here or on Twitter and let me know!

Elle 🙂 xx


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2 thoughts on “Do you think about the author?

  1. That’s an interesting question. I don’t think about the author when I’m reading, which I think is how it should be as the author should almost be invisible if I’m to get lost in a book. Having said that though, I do sometimes wonder about the author and what led to them writing the novel after I’ve finished reading.

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