Tapestry – let’s do this thing!

Hey there,

Hope your day is going well so far.

Over the past few months I’ve mentioned that I’m planning to self-publish a collection of short stories in the autumn. It looks like autumn is here, so I thought I’d tell you a bit more about the whole shebang.

This is a big thing for me. So big I’m tempted to call it a BIG THING, but I reckon that would get annoying pretty quickly. Nevertheless, it’s something that means a lot to me and I’m very excited about my first real foray into sharing my fiction with you.

When I made the decision to just do it, I thought I’d get more and more nervous throughout the whole process and that, by this point, I’d be a wreck. But I’m not, and that’s largely because the process to this point has been a lot of fun. It’s been my first experience of working with other people in a writing capacity (my editor and cover designer about whom I’ll tell you over the next few weeks) and it just feels right to be doing it. Obviously I’m concerned that the whole thing will bomb, but I’m not going to let a trifling worry like that stop me.

*wobbles and vomits in shoe*

Enough of that.

Can I tell you a little bit about the collection?

Tapestry is a collection of twelve short stories exploring the complexities of life and love.

In hope, in pain,

we lose, we gain,

but always and forever

the human heart braves life

in light and in shade.

Tapestry will be making its way into the world towards the end of September and, over the next few weeks, I’d love to tell you how it all began, progressed and arrived at this point. If you’d like to, please join me each week to hear about it! I’m excited to share this process with my best blog buddies. (That’s you, by the way.)

I guess we could class this BIG THING (sorry) as a risk. Have you taken a similar risk? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Any advice you have to offer would be much appreciated, so please get in touch either here or on twitter.

Let’s do this (risky) thing!

Elle. 🙂 xx





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