It’s the way I spell ’em

Hey there,

Happy Friday! Hope you are well today. 🙂

When it comes to spelling and grammar, I’ve always considered it my thing. It was always my forte at school, I’m often the one others will ask if they’re unsure and it’s usually something I’ve found quite straightforward.

That is, until I started writing seriously. Perhaps it’s because I’m more aware, perhaps it’s because I’m using more words ( 😉 ) or perhaps I feel more scrutiny of the How does she think she can write a book if she put that apostrophe in the wrong place* variety. As a writer, I feel I should know ALL the rules of English grammar, be able to spell and understand ALL the words in the English language and never make a mistake with any of them.

But that’s not really feasible is it? And, providing I make sure work is correct before I submit it anywhere, does it really matter? If there’s a rule or word I’m unsure of I can look it up and then I’ll know. It’s a bit like anything else – you need to learn it. And as we know, the fewer less fewer mistakes you make the less fewer less you learn 😉

However, sometimes you learn, sometimes you know and some words still get you, don’t they? Here’s my top five:

  • Cinnamon (I don’t get it wrong, I just need an extra think.)
  • Broccoli (C and L confusion. So much C and L confusion.)
  • Gauge (It’s the positioning of the A and the U. Particularly embarrassing because it’s such a short word.)
  • Humorous (Always tempted to go for an extra U.)
  • Chocolate (No, I don’t know what my problem is with this one. This is the most embarrassing one yet because no one gets it wrong. Even babies can spell it.)

I’d love to know which words or language rules have you stumped. Come on, be brave and let me know either here or on twitter!

Let’s doo thiss thang.

Elle xx

*itll ne’ver happen

12 thoughts on “It’s the way I spell ’em

  1. A woman after my own heart, Elle 🙂 I know both my grammar and spelling are pretty good but, like you, when I started writing and then reading my scenes/posts back, out came the dictionary along with the self-doubt. Hyphenated words are one of my bugbears – there’s no hard and fast rule. Funnily enough, I’ve dipped my toe into the world of proofreading so have been swotting up on my irregular verbs and semi colons. I’d read a few novels/part novels as favours as I’ve always had a good eye for detail and it just went from there. I’m the same as you though, in thinking I’m supposed to know every single punctuation mark/spelling error – it does make you a bit self conscious. Funny thing is, you can’t see your own mistakes. I’m sure I’m bound to have made a few shockers in my various drafts – lol. As for words that trip me up, I always have to think whenever I use or see less/fewer, also lay/laid/lying. I hear you on broccoli too! Great post Xx (No doubt I’ve made a spelling mistake somewhere – hehe!)


    • Ah yes, definitely hyphenated words are a problem! Well done with the proofreading – a really useful skill to have. I think you’re right about not being able to see our own mistakes – I think I start to see what I want to see sometimes!
      Thank you so much for reading and for your comment xx


  2. Oh broccoli is a terrible word to spell, as is occasion I find. Too many Cs! (Also too many Ls and Ss too when I spell them wrong!)

    One of my goals this year is to brush up on grammar rules just like the ones Jan mentioned. There are too many rules I’m a bit hazy on…


  3. I’ve got 3 that really, REALLY bug me and unless Mozilla’s auto-correct kicks in there’s a good chance I’ll have got them wrong.

    Lavender (vowels!!)
    Collateral (vowels askew)
    Whisper ( I always add in extra h)

    The last word, sigh. Auto-correct : )

    Great topic, Elle!


    • Lavender – yes. You’ve made me realise that I probably should have added calendar to my list for similar reasons! Not helped at all by the fact that we went to Callander on holiday last year 😉
      Thank you for commenting, Yasmin xx


  4. Hi Elle, I really identify with this post and tittered to myself while I was reading it. I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone when it comes to this subject, I too used to think I had it almost covered. The word that confuses me most often is embarrass, so much so that I *always* check before using it.


    • Hi Claire,
      I find if I start to think too much about how to spell something it never looks right. Embarrass is a good one to add to the pot!
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment 🙂 xx


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