No three letter words please

Hi there,

I haven’t taken advantage of WordPress’ Daily Prompt post before , however this one really threw down my kind of geeky gauntlet – write a post without using three letter words. I hope it counts that my post is going to consist of telling everyone about said challenge, rather than being about a subject in itself…

…Oh, actually, I have thought of something – here goes:

I love trying to be precise with words – that’s a reason I like Paragraph Planet, a creative writing website that requires contributors to submit works of exactly seventy five words, no more, no less. I really recommend having a look in your free time. Also, have a go – submit a paragraph and don’t forget to tell me if it is accepted, I would love to read it.🙂

Have I managed? My brain is about to explode.

Please leave me a comment – no three letter words though!🙂

Have a great weekend.

Elle xx

2 thoughts on “No three letter words please

  1. I think Paragraph Planet is brilliant Elle. Would be almost impossible to write a post without words with 4 letters I expect. The list of words my youngest is learning at the moment is interesting-a lot of the same words come up all of the time: the, and, all, he, she, me, said, was, went etc…


    • Hi Anita,
      I found as soon as three letter words were off limits, those were the ones I wanted to use! In particular “you” and “the” were difficult to avoid. I think you’re right about four letters – but I might try one day! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment.🙂


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