Book spine poetry

Hey there,

Hope all is well with you this Friday morning. Heating is on here. I may have to canoe to the shops later. Good old British summertime. *sighs*

On a much brighter note, you may know the brilliant website Brain Pickings where recently this utterly fantastic Book Spine Poetry appeared, inspired by the Sorted Books project. I was immediately captivated and thought it the most wonderful idea.

So I had a go myself:

Son of a witch, the man who disappeared. The first casualty, that woman, my lover’s lover. The Legacy, the blood of others.

Book Spine Poetry

I think this is definitely my new favourite thing!

I’d love to hear what you think and would love it even more if you have a go yourselves and let me see! Please get in touch – you can find me here or on twitter. Hit those bookshelves and let’s do this thing!

Elle xx

Son of a Witch, Gregory Maguire

The Man Who Disappeared, Clare Morrall

The First Casualty, Ben Elton

That Woman, Anna Sebba

My Lover’s Lover, Maggie O’Farrell

The Legacy, Katherine Webb

The Blood of Others, Simone de Beauvoir

2 thoughts on “Book spine poetry

  1. Elle, this is great. I’ve just pulled half a dozen books off my shelf and have my camera poised! I’m not very techy so what’s the best way for me to share/attach/upload my photo so you can see it? Would be nice to link it in with your blog (obviously!) I’ve shared the link on my FB page but not added my example as yet. I can see lots of people haveing fun with this. Your example above is fab 🙂

    Jan x x


    • Thank you so much Jan!
      Hmm…I’m not sure of the best way, but if you put it on FB I’ll definitely see it there. It’s a bit addictive once you start though! I’m going to start on Hobs’ books now 😉

      I’ll keep a look out for your photo(s) and thank you so much for supporting my blog – you’re a star xx


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